February Vendor of the Month – SingleComm  – The Most Powerful, Affordable CCaas Solutions Available

Regardless of the size of your Call or Contact Center, the aim for any outfit is efficiency. After customer service, of course! This February, GCOM is featuring SingleComm as our Vendor of the Month for their innovative technology and how it has been effective to improve our clients’ businesses.

SingleComm has several solutions for different areas of your business:

  • Workflow technology is aimed at increasing the efficiency of your agents. It keeps the agents’ work, feedback and communications all in one place so that your people have the information at their fingertips while they are on a call. This efficiency has made a marked improvement on the agents’ experience and our clients who use SingleComm are seeing less turnover in their employees.
  • Training Services are also available to get your new agents up to speed as quickly as possible. Because all of their onboarding and training is in one place with SingleComm, you can be sure each employee is getting the same experience and will easily transition to their role with a better understanding of the technology they are using.
  • The Analytics features help you keep track of your agents themselves. You can compare call times and outcomes to make sure your customers are receiving a consistent experience from your agents, no matter which one answers the phone.

Sometimes hearing how technology has been successful with another business is the best way to see how it could benefit yours. Here is a testimonial from the Chief Information Security Officer at Argo, one of our clients who is ecstatic with the way SingleComm’s technology has improved their agents’ experience, their efficiency and their customer satisfaction. At GCOM, we have seen the way SingleComm has improved our clients’ experiences, and we’re proud to highlight them as our Vendor of the Month for May!

Get in touch with a GCOM team member today to discuss how SingleComm can help your business run more smoothly. Let’s Discover Your Needs!