SingleComm: The Most Powerful, Affordable CCaaS Solutions Anywhere

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At GCOM, we understand technology’s critical role in modern contact centers. That’s why we work with the industry’s best contact center technology vendors to ensure our client’s access to cutting-edge solutions. Our top priorities are customer service and efficiency, no matter the size of your call or contact center. To that, we are proud to have featured SingleComm as our Vendor of the Month for their innovative technology, CCaaS solutions, and its positive impact on our client’s businesses.

SingleComm has three key CCaaS solutions to promote the success of your business, which are as follows:

Workflow Technology

This is aimed at increasing the efficiency of your agents. It keeps the agents’ work, feedback, and communications in one place so that your people have the information at their fingertips while on a call. This efficiency has improved the agents’ experience, and our clients who use SingleComm are seeing less employee turnover.

Training Services

Training Services are also available to get your new agents up to speed as quickly as possible. Because all of their onboarding and training is in one place with SingleComm, you can be sure each employee is getting the same experience and will easily transition to their role with a better understanding of the technology they are using.

The Analytics Feature

The analytics feature helps keep track of your agents. You can compare call times and outcomes to ensure your customers receive a consistent experience from your agents, no matter which one answers the phone.

More often than not, word of mouth is the best way to discover the benefits that SingleComm provides. To that, we’re delighted to share a glowing testimonial from the Chief Information Security Officer at Argo, who loves how SingleComm’s CCaaS solutions and innovative technology improve their agent’s experience, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with a GCOM team member today to discuss how SingleComm can help your business run more smoothly. Let’s Discover Your Needs!