Quality Voice & Data: Trusted Call Completion™ to Protect Your Reputation


GCOM has partnered with Quality Voice & Data, provider of Trusted Call Completion™ to bring you STIR/SHAKEN elastic sip trunks and clean caller id numbers.

Trusted Call Completion™ is a proven telecom solution that ensures an industry-leading answer rate. Your calls won’t be marked as spam, which protects the reputation of your business.

Choosing Quality Voice & Data also comes with several other benefits. 

Elastic Sip Trunks

  • STIR/SHAKEN “A” Attestation
  • Google Verify
  • No contracts
  • Mobile app ready

TrustedCaller™ Program

  • Your calls are digitally signed and delivered
  • Utilization of the STIR/SHAKEN framework

VOIP Phone System

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Unlimited calls in USA and Canada
  • Full authentication with every call

Local Caller ID Numbers

  • Large inventory of numbers
  • CNAM storage
  • Clean caller id numbers

Instant Remediation

  • Quality Voice & Data will remediate a blocked decision
  • Real-time monitoring

Protect the reputation of your business with an authorized SHAKEN service provider company. Choose Quality Voice & Data to service your communication needs. Reach out to GCOM for more information. Let’s Discover Your Needs!