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“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Before we can make that first step, we need to know where you stand. We first evaluate your telecommunications, current technology providers and any other communications technology infrastructure, on site, or in the cloud.


Our quest is to make sure that our customers generate savings from their communications platform. See how we transform and shift your operations to serve and support your sales, marketing, and customer service goals. We focus on leveraging your technology solutions.


Our solutions aim to bring a client's operations beyond industry standards. We focus on implementing solutions that leverage operations to peak performance. Our approach is to leverage telecom business solutions, technology, and communications to their best advantage.

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"Service America has been with GCOM for well over four years and has experienced excellent customer service. Great customer support and individual attention is a must for our organization to operate efficiently and we certainly can depend on GCOM whenever we need results."

Jerry Loiselle

"Vacation Tour & Travel has been a long time customer of GCOM. The service is second to none. Issues have been few and far between, however the few that have arisen were taken care of immediately. John Ruby and Dania Bodesieck have been instrumental in making certain that our business needs are met. GCOM would be an asset to any corporation."

Senior V.P. of Operations

"Working with John has helped TLK Group immensely. He is proactive to support our business on a daily basis which instills the confidence we feel is necessary in our space. John’s understanding of the call center space and telephony has been integral in guiding TLK Group through unprecedented growth over the last 4 years while decreasing our expenses related to telephony each step of the way. He has long-standing relationships in place with many telephony providers which gives TLK the certainty that we get the best rates, redundancy, and service available in our industry today."

Kent Ingram


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Sprint is Decommissioning its TDM Network for Better Voice Solutions

By GCOM | April 24, 2017

by Keith Fiveson Slowly, companies are transitioning from the legacy voice and data systems to more modern facilities to accommodate the fast-changing pace of the industry. Sprint Corporation, one of GCOM’s most trusted telecommunications partners, is decommissioning their TDM network in June 2017. In their pursuit to provide consumers and businesses with the freedom of mobility […]

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The Definitive Checklist for your Call Center Setup

By GCOM | April 20, 2017

by Keith Fiveson Setting up a BPO call center is no small task. Because it is such a big investment, it requires a well-thought-out plan and a lot of commitment. There are a multitude of tasks to accomplish to ensure that the call center runs smoothly. To get your business going, you have to analyze […]

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