Ping Plotter Software


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We are pleased to highlight our partnership with Ping Plotter Software!

PingPlotter is a software company dedicated to finding network problems and providing what and who’s at fault. PingPlotter released a network monitoring solution to address a growing need to monitor and troubleshoot remote agents home internet connections. PingPlotter Cloud monitors network connections for multiple computers and displays real-time data in a centralized dashboard.

PingPlotter Benefits

  • The intelligence delivered by PingPlotter Cloud helps customers reduce internet connection downtime, streamline work from home agent onboarding, and inspire others to act when then problem is on their end.
  • Totally resolve connection issues faster and reduce internet connection downtime.  
  • Proactively manage remote teams to guarantee everyone in the call queue will be heard load and clear. 
  • Test hone internet connections before remote agent work begins and ensure the agents connection meet their job requirements minimums.  
  • Real time monitoring shows what happens on the network the second changes are made.  Even the location of the agent. 
  • SAVINGS   Streamline work from home agents onboarding to increase agent retention.
  • Avoid needlessly shipping hardware and eliminate recovery needs. 
  • Reduce time agents spend non-productively working with IT. 

Headache-Free Remote Agent Management

We love this product and you will too after you review their 15 minute demo! It’s simple and very reasonably priced. We live in the world with remote agents around the world and we offer a simple solution to completely eliminate a major headache we all have experienced.   

For a demo and reasonably priced solution, please give our office a call or email me for a quick turn around quote.