August Vendor of the Month -Zingtree – A New Idea For You To Improve Call Agent Productivity

GCOM is excited to highlight our partnership with Zingtree!

Zingtree elevates contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software. It could be a super helpful add-on to your contact center. 

It seems to be catching on pretty quickly too – Experian, JBL, SleepNumber, Groupon, and hundreds of others are using them.

  • Faster average call handling time (AHT)
  • Improved first call resolution (FCR)
  • Faster new agent ramp time
  • Happier agents 🙂
  • Happier customers 🙂

Your avg. agent call handle time is probably way too long. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve all been in the situation in which we’re asked to be put on hold for a couple of minutes. And you know the agent is searching through trying to quickly read through articles to figure out how to solve the issue. And HOPEFULLY they find the right two sentences to share with the customer that’s waiting on hold on the phone. 

BUT… it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Zingtree helps take all of that knowledge and make it into bite-sized information that’s embedded inside your CRM or contact center so that it’s like a highly guided workflow or call script that an agent can follow along in order to share the next best action.

And it has logic so that the agent can click one of the button choices or enter info into a field, and then a new prompt specifies what to say and the next choices for the customer. 

You can imagine stringing these logic based steps and verbal guides together so that agents can troubleshoot any issue, no matter the complexity or # of SKUs you have.

Let the GCOM Partnerships help you improve connection capabilities. Our process is UNIFIED, SIMPLE, and FAST.