October Vendor of the Month – Benchmark Portal – The SOURCE for Contact Centers

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GCOM is so excited to highlight our Vendor of the Month for October Benchmark Portal!

Benchmark Portal is making best practices benchmarking a transformational tool!

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  • Train your Agents the industry’s best practices
  • Maximize team performance & engagement
  • Equip your WFM, QA & Coaching professionals for success
  • Upgrade Customer Experience while reducing costs

Benchmark Portal professionals pioneered contact center benchmarking. In 1995 we conducted the first scientific, industry-wide benchmark study at Purdue University under a grant from IBM. BenchmarkPortal was awarded a U.S. Patent for its unique methodology of benchmarking call centers. We continue to expand and refine benchmarking metrics and techniques.

We have done everything possible to simplify the survey experience and provide a complete glossary of terms to assist with any questions. Your metrics will be entered into our secure database and we will then create an individualized report just for you, which will show your metrics next to the averages for your industry sector. It will also show your position against your industry overall, on our proprietary four-quadrant matrix.

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