outboundANI – Improve Your Outbound Contact Rates with a Totally Automated Solution!


GCOM works with the best contact center technology vendors in the industry and we’re excited to highlight our partnership of the month with outboundANI!

outboundANI takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional “carrier-based” solutions. Rather than operating from the OUTSIDE, outboundANI is a data-driven, results-based solution that integrates INTO your dialer to automate intelligent ANI selection, both minimizing potential problems on the telephone networks, and maximizing contact with every individual prospect in your database.

Our customers see an immediate increase in contact rates and quality of contact, a decrease in carrier problems, and a boost in production and efficiency

outboundANI’s fully automated solution works within your dialer to:

  1. Prevent and anticipate negative outcomes before they start
  2. Increase live answer rates
  3. Leverage various types of phone number inventory (local touch and more) to optimize dialing strategy, number hygiene, and connect rates, down to the prospect level
  4. Eliminate the operational headaches and compliance risks associated with managing ANI groups, mapping, swapping, resting, or configuring rotation protocols

Get in touch with a GCOM team member today to discuss how outboundANI can help your business run more smoothly. Let’s Discover Your Needs