TouchTone – Customized Voice and Connectivity Solutions for Your Business

GCOM partners with TouchTone Communications

GCOM works tirelessly with contact centers to find them the right technology with no out of pocket expense!

We are pleased to highlight our partnership with TouchTone Communications!

TouchTone and GCOM understand that no two customers are alike and that is why we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all method. Our voice and data solutions are tailored to your distinct and specific requirements. Let the GCOM Partnerships help you improve connection capabilities. Our process is UNIFIED, SIMPLE, and FAST.

Here’s what you can expect when working with GCOM & TouchTone Communications:

– Comprehensive voice and data network.
– High Volume, Call Center Traffic Welcomed.  
– A Attestation for High Volume Connections.
– Multiple options for DID Registration & Shaken and Stir clients. 
– Geo Redundant Switching Facilities in all four time zones combining both TDM and SIP Technology

TouchTone being one of GCOM’s dedicated vendors provides:

Connectivity & Networking
TouchTone delivers high performing, scalable data connectivity options to meet the needs of shifting technology requirements to help enable companies to maximize their productivity while lowering overall operating costs.

Business and Enterprise Voice
TouchTone offers nationwide, scalable and fully customizable voice connectivity options for all business types including small business, enterprise, government entities and call centers.

Wholesale/White Label
From big cities to rural communities, TouchTone’s fully redundant and geographically diverse network brings quality voice and data to ILECs and Wireless providers across the U.S. under their own name and brand.

Let’s discover your needs!