Improve Your Business with VOIP Customer Service


by John J. Ruby

Always be on the lookout for innovations and new technology to improve your business. Discover how VOIP customer services add value to business.

Typically, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is considered an excellent way to save on call charges for contact centers. However, VoIP has more benefits than just saving money. Internet technology enhances the quality of customer service in multiple ways. Small and medium businesses can gain multifold benefits from this technology. At GCOM, we offer custom VOIP solutions that help you improve your customer service. Here’s a look at the VOIP advantages for your business:

Fewer dropped or missed calls

Dropped calls can be extremely frustrating for customers, creating a bad image for your company. When you use VoIP, the number of dropped or missed calls drop drastically because VOIP bandwidth can handle more calls simultaneously, thereby leading to a positive user experience.

Features such as call forwarding are very helpful in reducing the number of missed and dropped calls. Furthermore, this feature enables round the clock service. You can route calls to a team that is working after hours even from an offsite location.

Local number advantage

Most people prefer dialing locally, which you can use to your advantage. With voice service VoIP, you can make calls using a local phone. In fact, using the same system, you can have different local numbers for people located in different cities. At GCOM, we offer this feature at competitive rates.

Better Control

As a manager, you have better control over your call center with VoIP. You have real time access to call information such as a source of calls, duration of each call, missed calls, and other similar details. You can also obtain information about First Call Resolution rates and other advanced statistics required for managing the call center better. Some VoIP systems also enable you to listen in on the conversation between customers and agents.

We at GCOM provide a custom solution to give you complete control over your call center. With all these features, you can improve the customer experience.

Integrated solutions

With the use of VoIP, you can integrate various channels of communication with customers and consolidate customer information quickly. Conversations over the phone, social media, email and other channels can be easily monitored on an integrated platform and can be used to improve the quality of customer service.

At GCOM, with our partner voice over IP providers for business, we set up a secure VoIP system for your company to ensure you are receiving reliable technical support. To know more about how we use VOIP to drive growth to your business, you can download our whitepaper, Why VOIP Systems Increase Business Efficiency, today.