August Vendor of the Month -Zingtree – A New Idea For You To Improve Call Agent Productivity

By edayadmin / August 1, 2022

GCOM is excited to highlight our partnership with Zingtree! Zingtree elevates contact center agent productivity through conversational workflow software. It could be a super helpful add-on to your contact center.  It seems to be catching on pretty quickly too – Experian, JBL, SleepNumber, Groupon, and hundreds of others are using them. Faster average call handling time (AHT)…

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July Vendor of the Month – Ringer Interactive – First of its Kind Technology Helps Ensure Customers Never Miss a Call

By edayadmin / July 1, 2022

GCOM is excited to highlight our partnership with Ringer Interactive! Ringer Interactive’s first of its Kind technology transforms the phone screen into a personalized, actionable message customers won’t ignore or send to voicemail. The Ringer Interactive team has deep mobile app, contact center, and cloud-offering expertise and understand today’s connected consumer. Increased Answer Rates: Personalized…

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June Vendor of the Month – Quality Voice & Data, Inc. – Reputation Based Telecom

By edayadmin / June 7, 2022

GCOM is excited to highlight our partnership with Quality Voice & Data, Inc., provider of Trusted Call Completion™.   Trusted Call Completion™, is a proven telecom solution that ensures an industry-leading answer rate! The TrustedCaller™ program ensures your calls are signed and delivered with an A Attestation Each client’s Caller ID numbers are stored in the…

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May Vendor of the Month – SingleComm  – The Most Powerful, Affordable CCaas Solutions Available

By edayadmin / May 5, 2022

Regardless of the size of your Call or Contact Center, the aim for any outfit is efficiency. After customer service, of course! This May, GCOM is featuring SingleComm as our Vendor of the Month for their innovative technology and how it has been effective to improve our clients’ businesses. SingleComm has several solutions for different…

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