Exclusive: How to Increase Your Contact Rates


I’ve been writing to CX professionals about using the latest and greatest in call center services. We want to make YOUR call center the best it can be.
Today I’d like to share why you are seeing an increase in blocked calls. It is because carriers are beginning to install protocols for compliance with the TRACED ACT. Using SHAKEN/STIR is how your calls will be confirmed as valid.

While we wait for SHAKEN/STIR’s full deployment, the wireless carriers continue to block and label calls. Your calls may be labeled “Possible Spam” if not digitally signed. Call centers are seeing an increase of 25-38% in contacts using our services.

GCOM’s 4 key services:

  1. Monitoring & Remediation. We will monitor in real-time how your calls appear. We remediate blocking and labeling decisions in real-time for over 50% of mobile phones. You receive feedback to help improve your phone number’s reputation.
  2. You have access to SHAKEN Elastic SIP trunks that will sign all your calls.
  3. Clean TNs (Telephone Numbers) available with CNAM storage.
  4. Trusted Caller Application that will allow us to “sign” your calls. This program will help you meet Know Your Customer FCC requirements.

 Call me to evaluate what you need to do to make sure YOUR calls are NOT BLOCKED.  CALL 800-710-8770 or email any questions.

Thank you.
John Ruby
P.S.- Don’t delay. See your contact rates and profits increase.