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Quality Voice & Data Attains Authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Status

QVD announced today that it is one of the first telephone carriers authorized by the STIR/SHAKEN governing authority to digitally sign calls with full attestation for its customers.
As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, QVD specializes in providing reputation-based™ telecom services. Our proprietary technology and vast experience within the industry, enable us to digitally sign & deliver our customers’ calls with full attestation.
Aurora, NE (May 26, 2020) Quality Voice & Data, Inc., a national telecom carrier licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has been authorized as a SHAKEN Service Provider by iConective, the STIR/SHAKEN administrator. QVD has met the rigorous requirements necessary to provide call attestation at the highest level for their customers.

To address the avalanche of complaints related to illegal scam robocalls in the U.S., Federal & State agencies and the telecom industry worked together to evolve the way callers are identified, including a way to trace back any call, to its originator. Dean Garfinkel, QVD’s CEO shared his perspective, “Back in the 80s, telephone companies ran a ‘wire’ to a phone in a building, and as such a call could be traced back, using that ‘wire’ to find that building. New technologies replaced that wire with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) which replaced that ‘wire’ with an IP address making it almost impossible to trace back a call to an originator. Hence illegal robo calls continue to plague us all.”
On January 6, 2020 the Traced Act was signed into law and states: “The FCC must require voice service providers to implement the STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework on all IP networks and to take reasonable measures to implement an effective call authentication framework on all non-IP networks”. Today 95% of all US-based wireless carriers have already adopted the SHAKEN framework on their networks. Over the next year and half as full adoption by the wireline carriers is realized, order will be restored to the telecom infrastructure and cell phone users will once again answer calls in confidence.
The guiding principle behind this new framework requires authorized SHAKEN Service Providers (aka Telephone Companies) to digitally sign their customers’ calls and most importantly, know who their customers are. Regulators will have easy access to identifying the origin of any call because the SHAKEN digital signature will provide the required information. Any carrier, who fails to identify who their customer is, would be subject to losing their ability to sign future calls.
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